Take Ctrl - EEG Interactive Installation - openBCI


How might we invite our viewer to mediate on our constant bond with the screen?


Take Ctrl is an interactive installation that creates a fictional life and death situation controlled by your attention levels. A clip extracted from the “No Surprises” official music video by Radiohead is modified using a brain-control interface. The metaphor is created by linking the attention levels to the fate of Thom through the user’s control over the water level. By focusing on Thom you help him survive by lowering the water level, but as soon as you start mind-wandering, Thom drowns and suffocates; leaving you with insights about media and awareness.


OpenFrameworks (code lives here), MindFlex, Arduino, Projector.


Meditative, gamified, participatory, insightful, experiential. 


Concept design, hacking, physical computing, biofeedback, non-lineal narration, UX/UI.


1- Identify Areas of Opportunity: Based on the given technologies capabilities.
2- Research: Precedents.
3- Ideate: Coding in OpenFrameworks.
4- Envision: How can the message be amplified using contemporary media?
5- Create: Rapid prototype.
6- Iterate: Determine the final scale and defining the challenges.
7- Build: Construct the full-scale prototype.
8- Iterate: Trouble shoot.

Project in collaboration with Enrica Beccalli.