Delirious Things / Interactive Installation

Delirious Things is a speculative design fiction demonstrating what it might be like to experience an alternative future scenario where objects have agency. It addresses the ontological and sociological aspects of objects living in symbiosis with humans and having profound behavioral impacts on them. It is a playful interpretation of these concepts in the form of a kinetic network of objects. The installation is a critique on smart objects and their interfaces expressed in the unusual mechanics of these objects. They are absurd in their essence at the instance they are perceived and aim to convert an existing form conventionally associated with their use that responds to the absent and the paradoxical.

This installation is a materialization of a phenomenon that arises from the unobservable. It is a contemplation of traveling bits in a network of everyday objects, affecting their physicality and questioning their potential. It is a system that bonds the digital and the electrical with the kinetic and the physical. It moves fluidly between philosophy, science and art in order to imbed political theories dedicated to nature, ethics and affect, shifting the focus from the human experience of things to the things themselves. 




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Thesis Advisors: Barbara Morris, John Sharp, Melanie Crean, Ethan Silverman