Metaphorically, the installation stands for a hiding device that creates a feeling of curiosity and triggers imagination. This process of change in perception thus creates a feeling of lack and a pursuit towards completion is initiated. As the pursuit proceeds, imagination fires up in continuous attempts to fulfill the desire for that missing ‘thing’ that lies behind the reflective surface.


Iteration one

Iteration two

The second iteration starts to create a pursuit towards understanding what this feeling of lack is about. This moment on the Williamsburg Bridge becomes an opportunity to discover and analyse ideas of what we could call a 'contemporary surrealism'. The aim is to trigger Desire, Imagination and to possibly talk about the Unseen. It’s an opportunity or a moment in which users are invited to participate in an internal change. They are invited to look into a make believe telescope that ends up deceiving them in a  humorous manner; another part invites them to look at an object in reference to the Surrealist painter Rene Magritte: This is not a a hat.

in collaboration with Winnie Wen-Ning Li

*special thanks to michlyris