Kammoon is an online catering service that provides home-made Lebanese cuisine. Five different Lebanese mammas cook for Kammoon which now provides weekly delivery to over 200 people in London. 

  • Kammoon wants to recreate the success it had within the Lebanese community to reach a wider market. 
  • Kammoon wants to provide expats of various communities in London with home-cooked meals, authentic to their community, through a convenient delivery service.
  • Kammoon aims to aggregate and empower stay-in Moms, cooking from home, with a passion for food. This is an idle workforce which we believe has a huge potential. 

Role in Project:  UX/UI for the e-commerce platform as well as development of the website for desktop and mobile. Powered by Shopify. 

Mapping - Ordering Process

The project started with research and framing the problem by outlining the challenges and opportunities across the user journey map all while taking into consideration user flows.

The user testing phase is ongoing and there is a hand off collaboration with the founders as the business is growing. 

Research / Identifying problems 

Research / Identifying problems